Happy positive relationships are good for our mental health like with your friends and family members that you get on with.

It can be the best feeling in the world when a relationship is going well and the worst feelings IN THE WORLD of hurt, isolation, rejection, sadness, and anger when it is not going well.

Some relationships maybe abusive and NO ONE should stay in an abusive relationship whether that abuse is emotional, physical or sexual.
There may be many reasons why you keep the relationship going –You may not want to end it because s/he is the ‘hottest’ thing the one all your friends want. You may be scared of ending, you may have been hurt before with other relationships ending, scared you will be lonely or of what your others might say or that you will miss that person. It is easier to focus on ‘the good times’ and forget about the bad. Don’t forget about the bad times – take some time to focus on these and perhaps remember the horrible feelings that accompanied these memories – the times you felt scared or terrified of that person.

You deserve to be treated well and with respect.