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Sometimes symptoms of ill health like colds, flu, anxiety and depression can be indicators like those

flashing icons on a car dashboard, that all is not well and they indicate that the way we are living

does not sit well with us.

Our society does not encourage us to discuss any discomforts we suffer and struggle with. Often to

manage feelings of fear that can arise when in a situation where we have no control over what is

currently happening in our lives we might reach for something to take away the fear like alcohol or

act out in some way to release something within us. The something could be guilt, shame at being

inadequate, anger, loneliness or any uncomfortable feeling.

Sometimes life can feel good and then there are times when questions like ‘Why am I here?, What

is it all about? Why me? Will it ever change? Not again! flood the mind and body. This can be

overwhelming and saps your energy.

Perhaps you may decide to take a look at your life more deeply and if you do it is usually wiser to

pick someone other than a family member. The family we are born into can sometimes prevent us

from reaching our full potential but we do not see it as we are conditioned by them to see situations

their way even when it is to our detriment.

A psychotherapist can help you look at your patterns, the hidden meanings in the choices you made

in order to survive. You can then make more informed choices and give yourself the chance to

become more healthy.