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Therapy with Teenagers

Therapy with Teenagers


‘Counselling as a personal journey in relationship’ is the title of an article written by Dr Jim O’Donoghue.  In it he outlines that we come into existence through relationship and our being depends on relationship.  Our well –being is enhanced by what we receive emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually from our carers before and after birth.  If our childhood has provided well for us we enter our teenage years with confidence and a feeling of worth, we have status at home, at school and in our social scene.  However if our early years did not provide this then when a teenager we are ill equipped for the difficulties of the future.  Therapy with teenagers involves preparation for the future, recognising that they have a future and that it will always be like this   provides hope.

I provide counselling / psychotherapy for teenagers in Leitrim, Roscommon and Longford


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